A commercial roofer can help save you money and protect your commercial building. Your roof protects employees, stock, equipment or important record archives. Water damage hurts your business through destruction of product or information, insurance premiums and big-ticket repair prices that drain your budget.

The best way to keep your building safe is to be proactive and plan ahead. It’s easy to hire a contractor you know to complete roofing work or stay up on maintenance, but it’s not always the best for business. While one roofing contractor might be the best in the area for contract work, they might not be the most adept for larger buildings.

That sounds strange to say, but when you think about the shape of a commercial building versus a house, they are very different! And commercial buildings are often much more complex and bigger. The most important part of roofing is installation. If a commercial roof is installed incorrectly, you will start to see damage over time and even major leaks.

Common problems with commercial roofing include:

  • Incorrect slope
  • Insufficient drainage
  • Insulation

It’s important to have a reputable commercial roofer on your side when you’re thinking about repairing, replacing or maintaining your building. They can help you choose an appropriate roof system that works well with your existing building design. And because they know commercial roofs, it’s easier to spot problems and repair before your business succumbs to major damage.

Hill Country Roofing has been in the business for 70 years. We understand the unique demands of commercial roofing work and meet those needs with uncompromising attention to detail. Projects small and large alike are built to last with durable materials and dependable construction.