As part of your yearly roof maintenance, be sure to undertake roof cleaning as needed as well. Dirt, moss, and algae build up can all decrease the total lifespan of your roof by trapping moisture on the shingles and preventing the right amount of sunlight from penetrating and warming your home. Thankfully, cleaning your roof can help prevent damage and extend its lifespan. A clean roof can also help with curb appeal when selling your home, and prevent unsightly mildew build up as well.
Why Your Roof Needs Cleaning
Roof cleaning may not be on your list of seasonal outdoor chores, but it probably should be. If part of your roof is in the shade, this can promote the growth of moss and algae, which prefer dark and slightly damp climates to grow in. Unfortunately, when left alone to spread, rainwater and moisture can be trapped beneath the moss, which will then begin to eat away at your roof, causing decay of the shingles and shortening its lifespan.
Occasionally, dirt and mildew may also collect on your roof. And while less harmful than moss and algae, dirt can still trap moisture on your roof and lead to eventual decay. Additionally, mold, algae, mildew, and dirt can all decrease from your home’s curb appeal lowering its value and making it more difficult to sell.
Roof Cleaning Cost
There are several different ways that you can get your roof cleaned. You can do it yourself with the right equipment, or hire a professional. For dirt and mildew removal, a garden sprayer is usually all that is necessary to get the roof clean. Moss and algae removal, however, may require professional help, particularly if the shingles have become soft or damp beneath the growth.
The ultimate cost of your roof cleaning will depend on several factors such as the size of your roof, its condition, what material it is made of, and what is being removed from it. That said, the national average that most homeowners spend on roof cleaning is around $461 to $601. Some larger jobs may cost as much as $900, while small cleaning jobs cost around $250.
Roof Cleaning Methods
If you want to try cleaning your roof yourself, your best bet is to use a garden sprayer to apply a mixture of 50% water and 50% bleach to your roof. Use a scrub brush to get the dirt and mildew off of the shingles, agitating gently while keeping the roof damp until it is clean.
Pressure washing is another method of getting a roof clean, particularly when there is a lot of buildup of leaves, moss, and dirt. Keep in mind, however, before you attempt this method that not all pressure washers are the same, nor are all roofs. Using too strong a spray can damage your roof by removing some of the granules from the shingles, which shortens their lifespan. In fact, using a high pressure sprayer on your roof could void the manufacturer’s warranty on the shingles.
In some cases when the moss or algae on the roof is stubborn and not coming off, a low-pressure wash system can be use to clean the roof. Some professionals will also use a low-pressure wash system to clean your roof for you as well. This should only be used as a last resort, and is best left to the professionals who know how much pressure your roof can withstand without being torn up.
Keep Your Roof Clean
Roof cleaning may not be the most exciting chore in the world, but doing it on a regular or as-needed basis can help extend the life of your roof, while helping to maintain curb appeal. Clean your roof or have it professional cleaned as part of your regular roof maintenance schedule to help keep it at its best.