The Truth About Metal Roofing: Metal Roofing FAQ

As metal roofing grows in popularity for use on homes, many people have questions about how it performs. There are also many common misconceptions, or metal roofing myths. The Metal Roofing Alliance, a nonprofit educational organization, answers many of these questions below. Lightning: Does installing a metal roof make your home more prone to lightning strikes? No. Lightning occurs from … Read More

Roof Cleaning: Important Part of Roof Maintenance

As part of your yearly roof maintenance, be sure to undertake roof cleaning as needed as well. Dirt, moss, and algae build up can all decrease the total lifespan of your roof by trapping moisture on the shingles and preventing the right amount of sunlight from penetrating and warming your home. Thankfully, cleaning your roof can help prevent damage and … Read More

Roof Maintenance: Yearly Roof Inspection Checklist

As a homeowner, you know how important your roof is to your home, and everything inside of it. You probably also know how expensive a complete or even partial reroofing of your home can be. That’s why having a yearly roof inspection done can be so helpful; roof inspections help you catch problems while they are small and before they … Read More

The Benefits Of A Commercial Roofer

A commercial roofer can help save you money and protect your commercial building. Your roof protects employees, stock, equipment or important record archives. Water damage hurts your business through destruction of product or information, insurance premiums and big-ticket repair prices that drain your budget. The best way to keep your building safe is to be proactive and plan ahead. It’s … Read More

Is Your Roof Vulnerable to A Leak?

Spotting a visible water leak in your house during a storm is the worst possible way to find out you have a leak. If you can look for leak warning signs you will prevent water damage before it happens.  Let’s talk about what to look for and what that means for your roof. Early Leak Signs If your roof is … Read More

How Long Does A Roof Last?

How long does a roof last? And more importantly, how do you make your roof last longer? These questions are important in keeping your house safe by knowing when to service your roof and replace your roof. Or if you’re looking to buy property, you should pay attention! Always ask when the roof was last replaced and even get it … Read More

Seasonal Maintenance Tips For Your Roof

New seasons brings new weather, flora, fauna, and new potential troubles for your roof. As a homeowner, it’s important to maintain and take care of your roof. This lengthens the lifetime of your roof and saves you money down the line. A small wall discoloration spot or buckled flashing might not seem like an emergency. Roof troubles can grow quickly, … Read More